How Good Are Your Eyes?

What you perceive through your vision, can say a lot about who you are and the kinds of skills you have as you navigate the world. The quiz you are about to take below will present nine visual images and will ask you a question about what you perceive in each image. You will pick from several possible responses, depending on what you see.

blank - How Good Are Your Eyes?
Can you count the black spots?

The quiz is a lot of fun, and some of the images and questions asked, are more challenging than others. There are images that challenge your visual perspective, as well as your ability to accurately name embedded figures. Additionally, your color perception will be assessed.

I can tell you that I really wasn’t sure how I did before the calculation of my visual abilities was reported to me. Do you think that you have “Ultra-Laser Vision”, meaning that you answer every question perfectly, and go through the world picking up subtle visual cues wherever you are? Or do you have “Pilot’s Vision”, meaning you missed some of the correct responses but still have really good eyesight? However, you have to learn to trust your gut about what you see. Perhaps you have “Hawk Vision”; you have AMAZING sight and are a hunter at heart because you have predatory instincts that make you stay vigilant about things around you.

You may fall into one of the above categories, or you will find out where you stand visually and what that says about your visual skills. Try not to think too hard when responding; “going with your gut” will give you a more accurate assessment of your visual capabilities. Let us know how you did, and whether that matches how you see yourself.

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